Green Keepers

Providing horticulture, sanitation and pest control services throughout the New York City area!

Two Goddard Riverside Green Keepers in bright green vests empty a garbage receptacle on an Upper West Side street.

Goddard Riverside Green Keepers, a social enterprise business established in 1995, provides paid on-the-job training in horticulture, street sanitation and pest control services while providing beautification services to local associations, developers and private individuals.

Once participants begin working, they receive ongoing job-retention supports and on-site job coaching as necessary. 

Our customers include the Broadway Mall Association, Lincoln Square Business Improvement District, Riverside Park Conservancy, East 86th Street Association, Salvation Army Williams Residence and various local block associations.

We have received the Eugene Hide Award from the Broadway Mall Association and an Employer Recognition Award from the Center for Urban Community Services’ Career Network.

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Green Keepers

Deborah Kaplan

Director of Employment & Rehabilitation

Phone: 646-505-1088 Fax: 646-505-1096

61 West 87th Street, Basement

New York, NY 10024