A girl in an orange Goddard Beacon summer camp shirt puts her head on her arms and smiles at the camera while her campmate makes a drawing

Preparing Children & Youth for Success

Supporting children and youth to thrive, contribute positively, and be prepared for the next stages in their lives.

Early Childhood

Goddard Riverside offers comprehensive Early Childhood Education programs for children ages two to five. Our programs help families thrive by providing safe, enriching environments for young children while their parents or guardians work.

We provide Early Childhood Education at two locations:

• 114 West 91st Street (dually eligible: Head Start/Day Care)
• 243 W 64th Street at Lincoln Square Neighborhood Center

Children and Youth

Each year Goddard Riverside serves more than 3,000 children and youth through school-based, after-school, evening, and weekend programs. The majority of these young people come from low-income families who live in the surrounding neighborhoods. Our programs provide safe, structured, and affordable activities for children and help them become better learners and build self-confidence. We also offer information, support, and referrals to help families.

As a settlement house, Goddard Riverside is committed to partnering with youth up to and through adulthood. Some children begin by attending one of our preschool programs and stay with us through the After School and Middle School programs, the Star Learning Center, and the Options Center college access and success program. Many of their parents grew up in our programs too!

The Summer Day Camp program provides enriching, age-appropriate activities for rising first- through ninth-graders in July and August.

Our After School Programs offer fun, educational activities for children ages 5 to 10 at our Beacon program and Goddard Riverside at Lincoln Square Neighborhood Center (LSNC).

The Beacon Program offers activities for elementary, middle school, and high school-aged children, as well as a focus on preparing for college.

#DegreesNYC is a collective impact movement co-led by young people and education professionals to move to equity in education in New York City. “We envision a New York City where all young people get the education they need to succeed and where young people’s contributions to our economy, communities and city are recognized and honored.” 

The Star Learning Center offers tutoring and advocacy to help students from underserved communities overcome barriers to learning and succeed in school.

The RISE Youth Center  at LSNC engages young people in positive social relationships and connects them to learning experiences and opportunities.

The COFA Program at LSNC is designed for teenagers and young adults aged 14 to 26 and assists participants in reaching their goals, promoting socialization, and personal development.