A man smiles in front of the open door of his room at Capitol Hall.
Two woman standing together in a building lobby.
A man holding a house key in front of him.
A man standing in front of a apartment door with his hand extended out to the door to invite you inside the room.

Supporting Housing for All & Fighting Homelessness

Ensuring that New Yorkers in need have stable and affordable housing.

Goddard Riverside’s housing units provide safe, affordable homes for some of New York City’s most vulnerable populations, including older adults, formerly homeless people and those with mental illness. Residents receive on-site services ranging from benefits assistance to mental health care to social activities that help ensure that individuals stay connected to their community.

We have been a leader in the effort to eliminate homelessness since the 1980s, when we helped pioneer homeless outreach and supportive housing. These models have since been adopted nationwide as cornerstones of the successful Housing First movement.

Our programs fight homelessness on many fronts. The Law Project prevents homelessness by helping tenants stay in their apartments and advocate for their rights. Homeless Outreach works with people living on the streets, helping them transition into permanent housing. Our supportive housing residences provide services to help people stay housed and reconnect with family and community.

Our four Manhattan buildings are integrated with their surrounding neighborhoods and strive to be a positive force in the community. Residents engage in local improvements such as planting flowers and caring for trees.

The services offered by our supportive housing programs include:

  • medication monitoring
  • case management
  • money management
  • entitlement assistance
  • medical and psychiatric care
  • substance use counseling
  • work readiness training
  • meals program
  • 24-hour/7-day front-desk security
  • group activities ranging from trips and movies to quilting and gardening

Our Residences

Safe Havens

Supportive Housing