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Five people standing behind Goddard Riverside banner.

Goddard Launches New Program to Support Youth at Amsterdam Houses and Addition 

Every young person deserves the resources and support they need to achieve their dreams. That’s one of our fundamental beliefs at Goddard Riverside, and it’s also what drives our newest program, Creating Opportunities for Amsterdam (COFA). COFA aims to bring those resources and support directly to underserved youth ages 14-26 in the Amsterdam Houses and […]

Older adults stand in a line swaying their arms in the same direction while a drummer plays a large drum

Special Events Draw New Crowd to our Columbus Ave. Older Adult Center 

As our second Tuesday night special event got underway at the Older Adult Center on Columbus Avenue, members hustled to find chairs and spotted friends and family to sit with.  Staff members picked their spots against the wall to watch the upcoming performance. The sounds of the mbira, or thumb piano, silenced the audience as […]

A woman reads at a podium

“Imagination Sings in My Mind” 

Senate Tenant Reads Poem at Homeless Persons Memorial Read the poem Homelessness   Jurema Ferreira never expected to read one of her poems in front of an audience. In fact, until recently, she never expected to write one.  Ferreira lives at The Senate, one of our supportive housing residences for formerly unhoused people. She remembers […]

Homelessness: A Poem by Jurema Ferreira

Where are you from? It doesn’t matter for Us. Who you are does matter to us. What you do doesn’t matter to us. What Matters is you. You seeking your place in the world. You think you don’t belong anywhere In looking you don’t. See and you belong everywhere. In The house you were born. […]

Two women pet a black standard poodle who is wearing a red bandana

Therapy Dogs Bring Puppy Love to Older Adult Center

With wavy black hair and soulful eyes, Waldo is strikingly handsome. He’s also not afraid to show affection—whether by gently nuzzling your hand or curling up at your feet.   A black standard poodle, Waldo is one of two dogs holding regular Pet Therapy sessions at our Lincoln Square Older Adult Center. On a recent visit […]

Goddard Career Fair December 3 12-4 at Lincoln Square Neighborhood Center 250 West 65th Street in Manhattan

Goddard Career Fair December 3

Meet Goddard Staffers and Learn about our Openings Throughout Manhattan Our Career Fair is free and open to the public! We’re hiring for numerous positions, from drivers and cooks to social workers and administrators. The fair will take place from noon to 4 at our Lincoln Square Neighborhood Center, 250 West 65th Street in Manhattan. […]

Johnny Barnes holds up two laminated photos of his biggest screen roles

How Goddard Helps a Big-Screen Boxer Fight for his Housing 

Johnny Barnes is 80 now, but he remembers boxing with Robert DeNiro as if it were yesterday.   De Niro was playing middleweight champion Jake LaMotta. Barnes was playing Hall of Famer Sugar Ray Robinson. The movie was Martin Scorsese’s 1980 classic Raging Bull—still considered one of the greatest films of all time.   The fighting had […]

A child totally covered by a blanket naps on a mattress on the floor. A sign in the background reads How Do You Feel? and shows faces with different emotions that the children can pick to express their feelings.

From Naptime to Learning Time, Renovations Bring a Cozy New Energy to West 91st Street Early Learning Center

Cozy, child-sized armchairs. Soothing colors. A welcoming reception area. Our West 91st Street Early Childhood Education Center has just been renovated, and to Director Angelica Perez, the difference is palpable.  “When the teachers came back, they said it felt peaceful and calming,” she recalled. “There’s a completely different energy in the classrooms.”  In the entryway to the classroom there’s a mirror positioned at child level. Colorful badges with messages like […]

Goddard Riverside Book Fair Logo featuring the Goddard logo with the words Book Fair and a row of books in red, blue, green, gold and purple

Times are Changing—and the Book Fair is Too

Goddard Riverside’s holiday book sale is changing its format and its place on the calendar. “We have loved sharing the Book Fair with you every November for the last 35 years,” said Goddard Executive Director Roderick L. Jones. “But the publishing world is changing, and this event must change too.”  While the Book Fair was […]