Goddard Riverside strives toward a fair and just society where all people can make choices that lead to better lives for themselves and their families. We serve more than 20,000 New Yorkers each year with programs ranging from Early Childhood Education to Senior Centers.

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All Together Now

Our summer programs gave young people a chance to learn, play and grow together after a difficult, COVID-impacted year.

#DegreesNYC Youth Advocate Testifies Before Congress

Out of nearly 7 million Pell Grant recipients around the country, Darleny Suriel was the only one chosen to speak at a hearing about federal aid to students.

Two young men play a percussion set and a trumpet on the sidewalk while in the background an older person in a green fleece top receives a large bag of vegetables

Food for the Soul at our Lincoln Square Food Pantries

Young musicians from the Kaufman Music Center performed at our Lincoln Square food pantries throughout August.

Panoramic view of 419 East 91st Street

Got Comments or Questions about our Future East 91st Street Safe Haven?

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