Early Childhood

Comprehensive Early-Childhood Education Programs for Children Ages Two to Five

A child learning about fish at the American Museum of Natural History

He has become a very advanced boy for his age.  They fed his inquiring mind daily with so many things and to this day he surprises me with his wealth of knowledge.  I pray we are as lucky in years to come to find a school family that will care and teach and nurture our kids as much as our Goddard family have.

An ECE parent

Please note: As of July 2019, Goddard Riverside Early Childhood Education Centers are funded and overseen by the NYC Department of Education. As a result of this change, the process for the enrollment of 3 and 4 year old children is managed by the Department of Education; Goddard Riverside no longer can accept applications directly for this age group.

All applications, including those for currently enrolled 2 year olds looking to go to our 3K room, must be done on the DOE MySchools account.  Please log on to the link below and if you have not already done so, please create an account to register for one of our programs. Once you have applied through DOE MySchools and have accepted to seat, all enrollment paperwork should be submitted to the Family Worker for each site as listed at the bottom of this page.


For applications for our 2 year old program, please continue to use the “online application” link provided on the Goddard Website for the specific location you are interested in. 


A partir de Julio de 2019, los Centros de Educación Infantil de Goddard Riverside están financiados y supervisados ​​por el Departamento de Educación de la Ciudad de Nueva York. Como resultado de este cambio, el proceso de matriculación de niños de 3 y 4 años está a cargo del Departamento de Educación; Goddard Riverside ya no puede aceptar solicitudes directamente para este grupo de edad.

Todas las solicitudes, incluidas las de los niños de 2 años actualmente inscritos que deseen ir a nuestra sala de 3K, deben realizarse en la cuenta DOE MySchools. Inicie sesión en el enlace siguiente y, si aún no lo ha hecho, cree una cuenta para registrarse en uno de nuestros programas.


Para solicitudes para nuestro programa de 2 años, continúe usando el enlace de “solicitud en línea” que se proporciona en el sitio web de Goddard para la ubicación específica que le interesa.

A Place to Start

Goddard Riverside now offers two Early Childhood Education programs (our 83rd and 95th Street locations have closed as of July 1, 2021). They are located at:

  • 114 West 91st Street (dually eligible: Head Start/Day Care)
  • 243 W 64th Street at Lincoln Square Neighborhood Center

We are also launching a private-pay program for two-year-olds. For more information please reach out to the directors and/or family workers at the site you prefer.

Both centers use the Creative Curriculum as a foundation for classroom activities that promote intellectual, social, emotional and physical growth through hands-on exploration of science, nature and art. The shared curriculum fosters collaboration. The children also benefit from Goddard Riverside’s partnerships with local museums, schools, and social service and health organizations such as Cool Culture.

Goddard Riverside believes parents or guardians are the most important influence on a child’s development. Our staff assists parents by providing support, information and referrals. Parents volunteer in the classrooms, serve on program committees, attend workshops and participate in activities.

64th St. LSNC Early Childhood Education Center

Deborah Albert




64th St. Family Worker

Krystal Cruz



243 West 64th St.

New York, NY 10023

91st St. Early Childhood Education Center

Angelica Perez



91st St. Family Worker

Jennifer Pena



114 West 91st Street

New York, NY 10024