Early Childhood

Comprehensive Early-Childhood Education Programs for Children Ages Two to Five

A child learning about fish at the American Museum of Natural History

He has become a very advanced boy for his age.  They fed his inquiring mind daily with so many things and to this day he surprises me with his wealth of knowledge.  I pray we are as lucky in years to come to find a school family that will care and teach and nurture our kids as much as our Goddard family have.

An ECE parent

Goddard Riverside offers 3-K For All and Pre-K For All as well as programs for 2-year-olds. Our centers are warm, caring places where children take their first steps toward becoming lifelong learners. Our teachers use the Teaching Strategies Gold platform, a whole-child approach that connects parents, teachers and students, and the Creative Curriculum, a research-based curriculum that features inquiry, exploration, and discovery as the foundation of all learning. The children also benefit from Goddard Riverside‚Äôs partnerships with local museums, schools, and social service and health organizations such as Cool Culture.

In our schools, parents are a key part of the team. Our parent engagement app allows parents or guardians to communicate with us in real time, while we can share videos and photos of what’s happening in the classroom.

Apply to our Early Childhood Centers

To apply for our 2-5-year-old programs, please call 212-873-6865 or email GRCCEARLYLEARN@GODDARD.ORG.

For information contact:

Karenne Berry


212-973-6865 x 4501

Veronica Gilmore

Family Advocate/Enrollment Specialist


212-873-6865 x 4504

64th St. LSNC Early Childhood Education Center


243 West 64th St.

New York, NY 10023

91st St. Early Childhood Education Center


114 West 91st St.

New York, NY 10024