Spring Fever for Tiny Dancers

Spring Fever for Tiny Dancers, 2021 art piece

Carol Prud’homme Davis


As an artist, I listen, reflect, and then act. The goal is to communicate. One way I speak is through the energy which flows from my heart through my arm to my fingers onto the surface. The result: energy lines that bounce off the surface of my visual art pieces. Carol Prud’homme Davis was born in Texas and moved to NYC in 1980, after graduating from Texas Christian University to pursue a career in dance. Her artwork was shown in the first American Contemporary Dance Museum exhibition and is now in the permanent collection of the museum. She has drawn live and now via zoom, dance classes, rehearsals, and performances for over 100 professional dance teachers, performers, and companies spanning over a variety of techniques. She can also be seen on the street and subway drawing her fellow human beings. Her exhibitions include: The Infinity Dance Theatre, The East Texas Fair, Anna Sokolow Dance Theatre Ensemble, and Francesca Todesco web gallery. Her work was featured in the “We Are All Bowery” Lower Manhattan Cultural Council project which was displayed in the Cooper Union windows in NYC. She is now illustrating a book for Jeanne Donough based on Jazz dance pioneer Lynn Simonson.

Spring Fever for Tiny Dancers, 2021

Artist – Carol Prud’homme Davis
Medium – Pencil and Oil Pastel on Paper
Size – 22″ high x 25″ wide

During the Pandemic, I realized that my art could help support my world, the dance world. It was remarkable to see through zoom classes how children trained and took classes in their basements, kitchens, and outside. This painting was something older dancers remembered, and young dancers yearned; Springtime with sun streaming into the studio.


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