Susan Matloff-Nieves Honored as Human Services Leader

Susan Matloff smiling

Susan Matloff-Nieves, Goddard Riverside’s deputy executive director for youth and aging services, was inducted into the Notable Women in Human Services Hall of Fame on March 5 in Albany.

Matloff-Nieves is “a tireless networker and mentor who brings people together for the common good,” wrote the Hall of Fame on its website. “She has been a leader in professionalizing the youth development sector in New York City and State, ensuring that these programs provide not just a safe place to be during non-school hours but an enriched environment that fosters growth and learning.”

The hall is run by Strong Nonprofits for a Better New York, a coalition of human services groups throughout the state.

“Susan has done a tremendous job of creating a continuum of services for both older adults and youth at Goddard,” said Goddard Riverside Executive Director Roderick Jones. “She is a mentor to many people here and brings both academic rigor and great empathy to her work.”

Matloff-Nieves came to Goddard Riverside in 2015 after previously serving at Queens Community House and Forest Hills Community House. She has contributed to books on youth development, published in peer-reviewed journals, and presented her work in prestigious settings such as the American Educational Research Association and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Her programs and evaluation tools have become models for other organizations. Among her areas of interest is helping girls and young women pursue Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.