Performing Arts Conservatory

A Summer Conservatory for Youth with a Strong Desire to Experience Performing Arts

A group of young girls dancing during the Performing Arts Conservatory's final performance in 2019.
A group of young girls dancing ballet during the Performing Arts Conservatory's final performance in 2018.
A group of girls with their arms extended towards a young woman with her hands to her face in a shock gesture. During the Performing Arts Conservatory's final performance in 2019.
A group of girls on stage during the Performing Arts Conservatory's final performance in 2019.

Our Conservatory

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The Performing Arts Conservatory is open to campers of any skill level with a desire to experience performing arts. Over the course of 7-weeks, students will learn the magic of dance, stage presence, voice skills, and ensemble work. Our staff is an enthusiastic, talented and dedicated group of professional instructors and youth counselors who combine a love of music and dance with a desire to help young people achieve their highest artistic potential. Local theater trips and outdoor activities are also included. A full staged production by the campers is presented in a theater at the end of the camp session. Classes include: ballet, modern dance, Hip Hop, drumming, theater arts and ensemble. 

Our Teachers 

Michelle Cave has a passion for teaching ballet, believing that it can be accessible to anyone who has the desire, commitment, and joy for dance. Michelle received her training at the Sacramento Ballet School and completed a year at the Royal Ballet Upper School in London. As a professional, she performed with Sacramento Ballet, Western Ballet, Ballet Internationale, New Jersey Ballet, and Classics Dance Theatre, among other companies. Michelle is the founder of Ballet and Beyond NYC, one of Goddard Riverside’s art partners.

Carlton Terrence Taylor is a performer and director who was recently recognized as one of Broadway’s Rising Stars at town Hall. He is an assistant director with New HeritageProud alumni of Impact Repertory Theatre, his recent work includes a staged reading of The Engagement by Carolyn M. Brown and Taste of Chocolate by Timothy Ware. 

Performing Arts Camp

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Our Kids 

“I had no idea my daughter loved ballet. She comes home every night and puts on her leotards and tights to practice what she’s learned”. – Parent of a 13 year old girl

“I registered my 8 year old son for a neighborhood camp and he was put on a wait list. So I enrolled him in the Performing Arts Camp. He grudgingly went and was not happy. And then he cried when camp was over because he didn’t want it to end”. – Parent of an 8 year old boy

“He has always been shy but this year he came out of his shell. He is so much more confident. – Mother of a 9 year old boy who had a solo in the summer performance