Niuorc! Niuorc! July 12 at the BWC

“Niuorc! Niuorc!” is about a ‘young’ 40-year-old “boy” who finds himself disoriented in the big city. He gets lost in the streets, avenues and parks of Manhattan, whilst meeting a unique collection of characters. A funny, tender and original story about finding yourself in a foreign city.

About Francesco Foti:

After training at the prestigious Academy for Dramatic Arts “Paolo Grassi” in Milan, Francesco Foti attended acting, voice and writing workshops in Italy and abroad (with Geraldine Baron, Susan Batson, and Kristine Linklater, among others). He has been performing on stage for twenty-five years in plays by Pirandello, Shakespeare, Chekov, Camus, Albee and Levine, just to name a few. Francesco was a member of the Cavalli Marci Company, famous in Italy, where he was an actor and playwright.  Additionally, he is very well known for his work on Italian TV, and he has appeared in several movies (“Baaria” by Giuseppe Tornatore, “Alla luce del sole” by Roberto Faenza, and “Not of this World” by Giuseppe Piccioni).   “Tiger boy,” a short movie in which he played the leading role, won a few international awards and is now in running for an Oscar nomination.