In the News

CBS NY Captures our Thanksgiving Spirit

Scott Rapoport of CBS 2 made a return visit to our Thanksgiving meal and once again did a great job of showing what makes this gathering so special. See our volunteers, guests and executive director enjoying the day together. Watch the Story

A Q&A with Upper West Sider Paul Krugman in the West Side Rag

Get you Gala tickets here! The West Side Rag has a great profile of our Gala honoree, New York Times columnist and Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman! The conversation ranges from the legacy of Robert Moses, to why Krugman lives on the UWS, to the controversy over super-tall buildings. Krugman also talks about why he […]

PIX 11 Does a Lovely Story on the Green Keepers

PIX 11 sent a TV crew to catch up with the Green Keepers while they tended to plants on the Broadway Malls. They spoke with some of the Green Keepers as well as Goddard Riverside staff about overcoming barriers to work and the life-changing power of having a job. Watch the story here. 

The West Side Rag and The Real Deal Cover our Work in Housing, Volunteering

How do people get involved in volunteering, and why? This lovely story from the West Side Spirit quotes longtime Goddard volunteer Beth Puffer and our former volunteer coordinator, Crystal Walker. Few reporters have covered the fortunes of New York’s dwindling Single Room Occupany (SRO) residences as tenaciously as the Rag’s Joy Bergmann. She quoted Executive […]

West Side Spirit Covers Learning to Work, our Newest Program

Sometimes students need a non-traditional path to high school graduation, writes Meredith Kurz in the West Side Spirit.  “I was one of those “off course” kids. From age 16 to 22 my mind was on hiatus,” she explains, adding the she “could have used” a program like Learning to Work “to help me wade through […]

NY Daily News Highlights Terrible Living Conditions our Law Project is Fighting

Nobody should have to use their cellphone flashlight to get around their apartment – but Upper West Side tenant Chrystalia Matthias has been forced to do that for years by a landlord who refuses to fix her lights and electricity. The New York Daily News featured the plight of Matthias and her neighbor in a two-page […]

PIX 11 Covers Mozart for Munchkins at Bernie Wohl Center

Mozart for Munchkins partners with our Community Arts program to hold live classical music events where children can crawl, clap along and dance. PIX 11 visited one concert at the Bernie Wohl Center and filed this adorable story showing our preschool students bopping to Gershwin. Watch the story

Law Project gets Coverage for Cases Old and New

Our Law Project, which helps low-income tenants fight eviction and win better living conditions, has been cited by the Wall Street Journal, Daily News, West Side Rag and West Side Spirit in recent stories. Joy Bergmann, who has tenaciously chronicled the fate of Single-Room Occupancy buildings on the Upper West Side, talked to our longtime organizing director Larry Wood […]

Congressman Nadler Talks Trump Probes at Annual Goddard Town Hall

In his annual Goddard Riverside town hall, longtime Upper West Side Congressman Jerry Nadler promised sweeping investigations of the Trump administration – likening the role of his powerful Judiciary Committee to that of the Watergate Committee. Nadler has held a town hall at Goddard Riversideƕs Columbus Avenue senior center every year since his days as a […]