DeLoitte Makes an Impact at Options Center and TOP OP

DeLoitte volunteer giving practice interviews.
Filling backpacks at the Options Center.

More than 20 members of our TOP OP employment support program showed up early and eager for a workshop with employees of Deloitte on Friday. Volunteers from the global consulting and accounting powerhouse came to the Bernie Wohl Center to share job interview and resume writing advice, and conduct practice interviews.

The volunteers started with an introduction covering the basics, including when to arrive to an interview, what to wear, and the importance of researching the company beforehand.

One Deloitte employee confided that he’d been on 20 interviews before landing a job. “Don’t give up,” he encouraged TOP OP members, adding that every interview is an opportunity to evaluate what you’ve learned and determine how you can improve for your next appointment.

After the introduction, the volunteers conducted practice interviews and gave individualized advice.

“I asked a lot of questions about what happens if you’ve been fired before and the interviewer asks about it. I got very good answers,” said one TOP OP member. “Now I feel more prepared.”

TOP OP, short for TOP Opportunities, helps men and women who face multiple obstacles to employment get the individualized support they need to find and keep jobs.

It was the second year in a row that DeLoitte included Goddard Riverside in its annual Impact Day. Volunteers also visited our Options Center, which helps young people get into —and graduate from —college. There, in addition to working on interview skills, they held a lengthy question and answer session about their own jobs —including what consultants do, how much and where they travel (“Everywhere but Antarctica!” said one), and how their performance is evaluated.

Then DeLoitte volunteers and students worked together to fill backpacks with school supplies for Options college freshmen.

“I had a great experience,” said DeLoitte employee Ronald Scott, who was impressed with the students’ questions. “They definitely have an idea of what they want. They’re going to do well.”