Bag Lady, 2023 by Selena Juarez-Galindo

Selena Juarez-Galindo

@Selena.J.G Fordham University Profile

I am a visual artist, working to represent and empower those who I choose to portray. I use saturated colors in my backgrounds to bring forth the different essences in my portraits. My style of painting can be loose and fluid to highlight my painting medium but also be controlled enough to capture the people I want to focus on. I very quickly fell in love with gouache in the recent couple of months, having primarily worked in watercolor since I was in highschool. I also absolutely love creating portraits, whether it be an intimate family portrait or one that captures the essence of celebrities: every portrait has a story to tell. Viewers can create their own interpretations of these portraits and feel secure in their perspectives, as all are welcome to enjoy these expressions.

BAG LADY, 2023

Artist – Selena Juarez-Galindo
Medium – Gouache on Watercolor Paper
Size – 9 x 12 inches

Inspired by one of her many portraits, Erykah Badu radiates an energy that is only complimented by her saturated colors within the painting. She gives off a powerful, ethereal, yet unbothered vibe.


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