Goddard Forever

Goddard Forever is our planned giving/legacy society. Leaving a legacy gift is a thoughtful approach to ensure the future of Goddard Riverside in helping the thousands of individuals and families who rely on our programs. Members of Goddard Forever have committed to make the Upper West Side community part of their life story.

By taking the next step and becoming a member of Goddard Forever through a gift in your will or trust, through a beneficiary designation, or by means of a life-income gift, you will join a select group of friends and similarly inspire others by your commitment to invest in people and strengthen your community.

Here are ways you can join Goddard Forever:

Provide for Goddard Riverside in Your Will or Trust

Do you have a will or trust? Your bequest naming Goddard Riverside as a beneficiary will provide future resources for our programs and may be tax-deductible.

Don’t have a will? We’ve partnered with FreeWill, a free online platform that guides you through the process of making or updating your will. It only takes 20 minutes. Get started today.

Name Goddard Riverside as a Beneficiary of Your Life Insurance Policy, IRA, or Other Retirement Plan Assets

Non-probate assets such as an IRA, 401(k), or life insurance policy are not covered in your will or trust will and you must plan beneficiaries for them separately. You can designate Goddard Riverside as a beneficiary of these assets to invest in people and strengthen communities. To get started, you can use this free online tool to receive detailed instructions on how to make this contribution.

Provide for Goddard Riverside in a Charitable Remainder or Lead Trust(s)

You can choose Goddard Riverside as a beneficiary, either as a remainder beneficiary of a charitable remainder trust or as an income beneficiary of a charitable lead trust. 

Designate Your Donor Advised Fund

If you have a donor-advised fund (DAF), you can designate Goddard Riverside as a beneficiary of all or part of the remainder of your plan. You can make changes to your DAF by contacting your DAF’s administrator and requesting a change of beneficiary form.

Already included Goddard Riverside in your will or trust?

All you have to do now is fill out this form so we can say thank you and keep our records up-to-date!

Goddard Forever

Victoria Sheridan

Annual Giving Manager


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Goddard Forever Society

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