Watch Our Powerful New Video About HomelessnessÑAnd Find Out How You Can Help

Our new video tells the story of David, who spent much of his life homeless, traveling the highways for 30 years. David’s journey to permanent housing at Capitol Hall is connected to your support and he is here to tell his story in his own words.

To help others like David, make a generous donation today! Your support helps men and women living on the streets become connected with services needed to obtain a permanent home.

This is what your gift can do:

¥ $500 helps Goddard Riverside cover a 311 operator for 1 week. Once 311 was called and made aware of David, they were able to mobilize an outreach team member within one hour to check on him.

¥ $1,000 helps Goddard Riverside cover the cost of 1 outreach worker for 2 weeks. David’s outreach worker visited him often, offering him constant encouragement and made sure that he had the tools to overcome any obstacles getting in the way of a permanent home.

¥ $1,500 helps Goddard Riverside provide a bed and chair in a Capitol Hall apartment. David now has a home he shares with his rescue cat, Simon. He can reach into his pocket, grab his key, unlock the door, and feel so good to be home.

This year we have been able to give 80 residents a key to their own home in Capitol Hall, and with your support, we will pass out even more keys this year!