Volunteer: Opportunity and Impact

Women smiling for a picture.

Remarkable and unexpected! That’s what I think about my volunteer experiences at Goddard Riverside Community Center.  When I walked into the doors more than twenty years ago, I had no idea that coming to buy cookbooks at the annual Book Fair would put me behind a table selling fiction the following year.  I did not realize that showing up for the first time to volunteer at the Thanksgiving dinner, shortly thereafter, that I would become a member of the Holiday Dinner Committee.  As a volunteer, I have learned more about this extraordinary place, its people and its contributions in the continually-changing  Upper West community.  Even more unexpected, but wonderful,  is the recent opportunity to turn my experiences and love for Goddard Riverside into a new role as the Director of Individual, Group and Corporate Volunteer programs.

Selling books at the Book Fair, preparing and serving Holiday Meals, delivering meals to homebound elderly, or tutoring students at Star Learning Center are just some of the volunteer opportunities that reflect the mission of Goddard Riverside to bring people together for mutual aid.  Those of us who have volunteered in these programs, you know that Goddard is the place for a rewarding and impactful experience. Goddard is a growing and thriving environment and in my new role I want to further extend the message that it is the place to volunteer.  In the coming months we will be offering more opportunities for individuals, groups and corporate groups to engage with the Goddard community. Volunteers will be able to become involved in our youth, teen, adult and senior programs; to coach sports, teach chess, health and wellness classes, become student mentors, provide job training skills and computer competency, work with seniors, and assist with our community arts programming.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with your specific interests and ideas.

From my years of volunteering, both here and elsewhere, I know and recognize the value of providing an impactful and meaningful experience for a one-day or longer commitment. What I have also learned is the importance of connecting people and enabling them to engage one-on-one or as part of team within the parameters of our ongoing service programs, fulfilling a combination of needs and desires for both participants and recipients.  Goddard is a very special place for those who partake of our multitude of services, those who work here, and those who come to volunteer. I invite you to join our community.

– Evie T. Joselow, PhD
Director of Individual, Group and Corporate Volunteer Programs