Strong College Applications

The materials below are links and downloads of the resources discussed and distributed in the Options Institute seminar you attended. To sort the list by a different column, click on any column header. To download or follow a link, click on the title of that resource.

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Pre/Post Survey Pre/Post Survey PDF This is the Pre/Post Survey with answers handed out at the beginning and the end of the Strong College Applications workshop. Electronic (PDF)
Applications Application Key Facts Job Aid PDF This is the job aid provided, which includes key facts on the Application Process for CUNY, SUNY, and the Common Application.  It also provides the answers to the Key Facts worksheet. Electronic (PDF)
Recommendations & Essays College Recommendations This website provides a tip sheet for students in selecting and talking to their recommendation writers including the importance of these decisions. Web Page
Recommendations & Essays Tips for Writing Letters of Recommendation This website provides a list of tips “to save [recommendation writers] time and improve [their] letters of recommendation.” Web Page
Applications State of College Admissions _ Free for NACAC members This NACAC report is free to NACAC members and $25 for non-members. You can sign in by following the link. The report describes key trends in the transition from high school to college.
Web Page
Recommendations & Essays Build a Recommendation Activity DOC These are the props for the build a recommendation activity. it includes cards with pieces of recommendations that participants use to build a strong recommendation. Word Doc
Sheets for Students Tips for Calling Colleges PDF This document is designed to help students call colleges, which is often necessary during the college application process to confirm that all materials are received, to ask for clarification, and to advocate for oneself. Electronic (PDF)
Applications CUNY Application Companion PDF This document is designed to guide students and counselors in filling out the CUNY Application. Electronic (PDF)
Applications SUNY Application Companion PDF This document is designed to guide students and counselors in filling out the SUNY Application. Electronic (PDF)
Applications Common Application Companion PDF This document is designed to guide students and counselors in filling out the Common Application. Electronic (PDF)
Sheets for Students Asset Words for Effectively Conveying Strenghts PDF This document is designed to provide some assets words to convey student strengths. Electronic (PDF)
Reccomendations & Essays Giving Feedback on Students’ College Application Essays PDF This document is a guide for counselors with tips on how they can help improve the college applications of their students. Electronic (PDF)
Sheets for Students Interview Tips for Students PDF This document is a resource for students that provides helpful tips and hints on how to approach the college entry interview process.  Electronic
Reccomendations & Essays Helping Students Start a College Essay PDF This document provides counselors with helpful hints on how they can help their students start working on their college essays. Electronic
Reccomendations & Essays Reccomendation Outline PDF This is an outline for counselors and instructors as to better guide them in writing effective reccomendation letters for their students. Electronic (PDF)
Reccomendations & Essays Reviewing and Giving Feedback on Student Essays PDF This document is a worksheet intended to better assist counselors and instructors review and provide feedback on student essays. Electronic (PDF)
Reccomendations & Essays Reviewing College Reccomendations PDF This document is a worksheet intended for counselors and instructors to work with their students on managing effective college reccomendations. Electronic (PDF)
Other Resources Strong Applications PowerPoint PDF This is the full PowerPoint, in PDF form, presented at the Strong College Applications session that you attended. Electronic (PDF)
Sheets for Students Template for a Five Paragraph Essay PDF This is a template for students to help them write an effective five paragraph college essay. Electronic (PDF)
Reccomendations & Essays Writing a Reccomendation PDF This document serves as a solid starting point for counselors and instructors as to how to begin writing a reccomendation for a student. Electronic (PDF)
Sheets for Students Tips for Waitlisted and Rejected Students PDF This document for students describes the next-step process in the event that their application was rejected or waitlisted by an institution. Electronic (PDF)