Community Arts

A unique point of access for community-driven expression, healing, & togetherness!

Two young children standing on a stage with lights with rows of chairs filled with people in front of the stage.
A grand piano with rows of chairs facing the piano.

2022-2023 Resident Artists

“I am interested in the space between where we are and where we need to be to find liberation, where my community and I can feel healed and empowered in the face of the villains that have tried to keep us from pursuing our “happily ever after.”

Liz Morgan

“The importance of the arts isn’t in the employment of actors but the introduction of worlds, philosophy, thought, and escape.” 

Jmonet Hill, Marcus Farrow, Craig Jackson


 “I want the music to represent a location for expressing freedom of heart, mind, and soul. A ‘lifting’ of the atmosphere at least for a little while.”  

Tyrone Birkett

“The process of creating art is an act of healing the individual and the community at large. Our goal for creating a theater company is to remove the corporate grid from artists and to establish a community where they can create anything they wish so long as they fully realize that vision.” 

Reanna Armellino, Hazen Cuyler

“I believe in resilience of the human spirit; no matter the hardships and struggles in the world (especially in New York) which you will see reflected in my dances, art is a messenger that there is hope for something new after the breakdown.” 

Alison Cook Beatty

“My work with older adults is informed by my experiences with my mother and mother-in-law who routinely are overlooked or infantilized. The themes I explore are: dancing with an aging body, losing one’s memory, losing one’s friends….the subtle ways senior citizens are treated with contempt by way of gradual exclusion from society. My ultimate message is that of hope – we all have much to gain through their lives and specific experiences.”

Sloka Iyengar

Artist Residency

The GRCAP Artist Residency is designed to support community-based event organizers and ensembles showing exceptional artistic and social merit exemplifying our mission-based criteria. Successful applications are able to make direct links between proposed engagement opportunities and one or more of Goddard Riverside’s six focus areas, listed on the homepage.

Each residency represents a unique collaboration and exchange of community space for community programming content.

Selected individuals and groups will receive up to 40 hours of free creative time across our multiple performance, office, and rehearsal spaces, with the understanding that this time is used to develop content that will inspire, heal, immerse, and encourage our community members. The Community Arts Staff will co-produce the resulting events and works under the banner of Goddard Riverside and provide additional services and support.

INSPIRE – boundary-push, play, innovate, explore, excel 

HEAL restore, regenerate, support, center, protect 

IMMERSE expose, contextualize, teach, share, enlighten 

ENCOURAGE – ground, build, belong, strengthen, empower

Open Eligibility

We welcome artists from any walk of life and style of art practice. We ask you to clarify your intentions and how your vision can benefit the community.  

We’re looking to expand our networks. While all are welcome to apply, our selection process will especially consider those who have not yet had a chance to partner with the Community Arts Program in the past. We love and appreciate all our past partners and want more folks to have the same great experience with us. 


APPLICATION DEADLINE: Applications for the 2023-2024 Season will be accepted until midnight on Sunday, June 11th. They will be reviewed from June 12th-June 16th. All applicants will be notified of receipt and application status.


To apply, please submit a: 

  1. 1. Artist Statement (1 page) Tell us about you, your past works, interests, and philosophy. 
  2. 2. Work Samples (5 files and/or links)
  3. 3. A written response (up to 2 pages) that addresses the following:

-Includes a proposed bullet point breakdown of how 40 hours would be used (the sky’s the limit when brainstorming!)

-List potential partners and collaborators who you envision being included.

-Which of Goddard’s focus areas and/or program values (see above) relate the most to your proposal and why?

-How the residency will benefit you as an artist and community leader?

Email the above to with GRCAP Residency Application_Your Name as the subject line.