Community Arts

A unique point of access for community-driven expression, healing, & togetherness!

Two young children standing on a stage with lights with rows of chairs filled with people in front of the stage.
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2023-2024 Resident Artists

“Art heals the soul. Art is the greatest teacher of understanding and the best facilitator of personal growth. Art touches lives in a universal way. Through the craft of Applied Theater, I use tools such as improvisation to meet everyone at whatever artistic level they’re at and bring out their creativity. It’s a pleasure to be able to shine a light on participants’ talent with this opportunity.” 

Renoly Santiago

Renoly Santiago is a critically acclaimed Puerto Rican actor, singer, speaker, writer and director known for starring in the blockbuster films Dangerous Minds (opp. Michelle Pfeiffer), Hackers (opp. Angelina Jolie), Daylight (opp. Sylvester Stallone) and Con Air (opp. Nicholas Cage, John Malkovich). His television appearances include: The Night Of  (HBO), The Get Down, Difficult People, Law & Order: Criminal Intent and Touched by an Angel. He is also a Drama Desk Nominee for his Broadway musical debut in The Capeman starring alongside Marc Anthony, written by Paul Simon. Renoly is presently recording songs to debut his music. Next, he can be seen in the feature film 3 Days Rising with Ice-T and Mickey Rourke set for release in 2023. 

As a Featured Teaching Artist, Renoly leads a series of bi-lingual Acting Classes for residents of supportive housing units operated by Goddard Riverside. Previously, Renoly has been in residence at Loisaida, Inc. teaching acting in community centers and for homeless youth. He has also instructed acting at the New York Film Academy.

“I think now more than ever the world needs healing. Healing comes through understanding. That’s why art exists. Art is a window into worlds that we don’t live in. Using art to educate and bring people together creates healthy and inspiring environments. My goal with my art is not only to create good work, but also create opportunities for other people of color.”

DJ DaviS

Outside Entertainment is a New York based minority run media production company established in 2021. Outside Entertainment was made as a place where anybody can tell the stories they want without prejudice or bureaucratic obstacles. Partners in the industry and best friends in real life, the company strive to make art that represents them and the people around them who don’t have much of a voice in a society where the working class goes ignored. How can we bring the community closer? Outside Entertainment is not limited to any one medium. Our goal with every project is to break boundaries. The name is reminiscent of the outdoor playgrounds where we used to play pretend, and the opportunities were limitless. As 2023-2024 Artists in Residence at Goddard Riverside’s Community Arts Program, OE is hosting the first ever Outside Entertainment Arts Festival, “Ending the Stigma,” a night of different arts pertaining to the theme of community mental health, healing from shame, and normalizing neurodivergence. Short films, excerpts from plays, original music, poetry, and dance will prioritize artists of color.

“Shaped by the jagged edges of growing up in an underserved urban environment, my approach as a theater arts practitioner is grounded in a freedom to play, innovate, wonder about, and elevate transformational stories that must be told.”

Carolyn Harrison

Good Light Productions, LLC (GLP) creates access for new and emerging under-resourced artists to tell their own stories. Lived experiences confirm that telling others about the incomprehensible joys and sorrows of life serves as a healing modality for both the teller and their witnesses. Transformation becomes possible for all when we dare to share what is behind the curtain of each of our unique human stories.

As 2023-2024 Artists in Residence at Goddard Riverside’s Community Arts Program, Good Light Productions is conducting the Real Life Writers Poetry Project (RLWPP), a multi-session spoken word poetry workshop for young adults; and a new staging of Precious Metals: Beauty in Brokenness, by and featuring Carolyn Harrison. Both projects will specifically address Goddard’s program values to inspire and heal. Crafted through a social justice lens, RLWPP is a series of poetry writing projects designed for participants to learn the craft, styles, and methods of creating award-winning spoken word by professional spoken word artists. RLWPP purposefully sets out to de-center the notion that poetry is an elite, inaccessible, art form and inspires participants to develop and perform poetry reflecting their ideas, thoughts, and lived experiences. The workshop culminates in a showcase where featured spoken word artists are invited to perform and be interviewed live by program participants.

Artist Residency

The GRCAP Artist Residency is designed to support community-based event organizers and ensembles showing exceptional artistic and social merit exemplifying our mission-based criteria. Successful applications are able to make direct links between proposed engagement opportunities and one or more of Goddard Riverside’s six focus areas, listed on the homepage.

Each residency represents a unique collaboration and exchange of community space for community programming content.

Selected individuals and groups will receive up to 40 hours of free creative time across our multiple performance, office, and rehearsal spaces, with the understanding that this time is used to develop content that will inspire, heal, immerse, and encourage our community members. The Community Arts Staff will co-produce the resulting events and works under the banner of Goddard Riverside and provide additional services and support.

INSPIRE – boundary-push, play, innovate, explore, excel 

HEAL restore, regenerate, support, center, protect 

IMMERSE expose, contextualize, teach, share, enlighten 

ENCOURAGE – ground, build, belong, strengthen, empower

Open Eligibility

We welcome artists from any walk of life and style of art practice. We ask you to clarify your intentions and how your vision can benefit the community.  

We’re looking to expand our networks. While all are welcome to apply, our selection process will especially consider those who have not yet had a chance to partner with the Community Arts Program in the past. We love and appreciate all our past partners and want more folks to have the same great experience with us. 


APPLICATION DEADLINE: Applications for the 2023-2024 Season are now closed. We are accepting applications for the 2024-2025 Season on a rolling basis until July 1, 2024. All applicants will be notified of entry submission and status.


To apply, please submit a: 

  1. Artist Statement (1 page) Tell us about you, your past works, interests, and philosophy. 
  2. Work Samples (5 files and/or links)
  3. A written response (up to 2 pages) that addresses the following:

-Includes a proposed bullet point breakdown of how 40 hours would be used (the sky’s the limit when brainstorming!)

-List potential partners and collaborators who you envision being included.

-Which of Goddard’s focus areas and/or program values (see above) relate the most to your proposal and why?

-How the residency will benefit you as an artist and community leader?

Email the above to with GRCAP Residency Application_Your Name as the subject line.