Winter Weather Update: Blizzard 2015

New York City has issued a blizzard warning effective today, January 26 beginning at 1 p.m through tomorrow, January 27. To ensure the safety of our members and staff, Goddard Riverside Community Center offices will close today at 3 p.m. and will remain closed tomorrow.

Though the city is shutting down, several Goddard Riverside programs are working today and remaining open for those who need us most. Our Manhattan Outreach Consortium will be on the streets through the day and night, ensuring that individuals on the street will get out of the cold and have a safe place to go. Our teams will remain on call during the code blue, leading the homeless outreach efforts in Manhattan. If you see anyone appearing homeless on the street, please contact our outreach teams by dialing 311.

Also, our Home Delivered Meals team is working double time today, preparing, packing and delivering more than 1,000 hot meals to our 500 clients. In today’s delivery are shelf-stable food options for the next few days to ensure that everyone who needs food, has it.  In our senior center, we are sending our members home with bagged lunches to make sure they eat tonight.

We know that needs are high during bad-weather conditions  and we are committed to meeting them for those who need us most.

Stay safe, New Yorkers.