Washington Post, Local Papers Cover Congressman Nadler’s Forum

Congressman Jerry Nadler has visited Goddard Riverside faithfully every year since his election to Congress in 1992 – a habit he established previously as a State Assemblyman. His annual forum, organized by our Family Council, has drawn especially big crowds since Donald Trump’s election in 2016.

Three newspapers sent reporters to Nadler’s forum on January 25. Washington Post political reporter Dave Weigel wrapped the event into a larger profile of the high-ranking Democrat. The West Side Rag and West Side Spirit covered it as a standalone event. You can read their stories below:

Washington Post: Ahead of State of the Union, Democrats are united against Trump Ñ but not on impeachment

West Side Rag: Nadler Talks Trump, Russia, and Legalizing Pot at Local Forum

West Side Spirit: Nadler hosts town hall