A West Side Story: An Urban Art Exhibit

* The Urban Art Exhibit is now showing until November 10 at the Bernie Wohl Center. *

NEW YORK, NY – NEW YORK, NY – On September 9, Goddard Riverside’s Bernie Wohl Center will be decorated with subway-style art for the installation of A West Side Story. This urban art exhibit will feature works from George “SEN One” Morillo, legendary graffiti artist and Upper West Side native. The exhibit will feature artwork that was done on New York City subways, handball courts, and walls, and has since been transferred to canvas. Also, attendees will learn about Graffiti’s evolution from a controversial and defiant art form to its current prominence in urban popular culture. Known for his signature tags on NYC subways in the 1980’s, “SEN One”, a former member of Goddard Riverside’s youth program, will come full circle for this exhibit.

”As a teen, graffiti was a creative outlet that ultimately helped me and my peers discover our love for art and Hip Hop culture. People didn’t always understand it, but I’m glad that over the years the perception has changed. I’m thrilled to return to Goddard as an artist and teacher; it feels like coming back home to a place that helped me develop and build life-long relationships that have propelled my career,” SEN One” said.

During the 20-day exhibit, Goddard Riverside will also host a special artist reception on September 18 at 6:30 p.m., where members of the community, students, and fans will have the opportunity to meet George and ask questions about his work. For more information about the exhibit dates and times, or to attend the artist reception, please visit www.goddard.org or call the Bernie Wohl Center at 212-799-9400.

The art exhibit is part of Goddard Riverside’s community arts program, which hosts a variety of free music and art events, workshops, and special programs for members of the Upper West Side community.  The goal of the arts program is to enrich the Upper West Side community and give everyone an opportunity to experience the beauty and education of art in many forms.