Days of Compassion

Throughout the week we’re sharing a story from each of our six program areas about how Goddard and the Isaacs Center have shown compassion in our community. Your support makes a difference!

Day 1

Goddard Riverside and the Isaacs Center are dedicated to having a positive impact on children and preparing them for the next stages of their lives. Programs like the Star Learning Center offer tutoring and advocacy to help students from underserved communities break barriers to succeed in school.

Yvonne* was a 12th grade student in AP Biology and AP Calculus, but was having difficulty keeping her grades up. She was paired with Star Learning Center tutor Raj*. They worked tirelessly every Monday. Even when Raj was visiting family in India, he would set an alarm for 3am so he could sign in to their regular tutoring time. The commitment of both student and tutor paid off. Yvonne graduated with honors and is now attending NYU!

With your year-end support, Goddard Riverside and the Isaacs Center can continue preparing dedicated students for success.

Day 3

Day 5

Day 2

Through college access and success counseling, educational assistance, job training, and social work, Goddard Riverside and the Isaacs Center put young people on the path to success.

Sergio* entered the Isaacs Center’s Advance and Earn program struggling to focus on his GED. With the help of the Isaacs Center’s dedicated team, he was able to understand all that a GED could do to help his career, and he became a dedicated participant. Once he completed the program, he was hired as a full-time Community Engagement Specialist where he continues to thrive.

Make a year-end gift and help young people like Sergio build a successful career.

Day 4

Day 6