Values and Impact

A collage of diverse faces, young and old, of Goddard Riverside program participants


Goddard Riverside Community Center serves more than 20,000 people each year through programs on the Upper West Side and throughout Manhattan. We work every day for a fair and just society where all people have the opportunity to make choices that lead to better lives for themselves and their families.



Our staff and our board are guided by the highest professional and ethical standards and a rigorous commitment to excellence. We are transparent and accountable to all stakeholders and we respect the environment and the impact of our operations on it.;

Lifelong Learning

We believe that a fulfilled life extends beyond the basics of food, clothing and shelter to include opportunities for education, continuing education, cultural enrichment and meaningful interaction with others.


We believe in nurturing community life and supporting connections and neighbors.


We lead by being open to change and opportunities, staying attuned to the social forces shaping our society and by sharing our learning with others.


We work hand-in-hand with people, no matter what their life circumstances, background or age, to achieve the kind of life they want for themselves and their families. Our board and staff work collaboratively and we actively seek out and cultivate partnerships with organizations and individuals who are committed to making a real difference in our community and in the greater social fabric of our city.


We listen and respond to everyday concerns and issues facing our neighbors. We are a laboratory for new ideas. We continually experiment, learning from our successes and failures.

Fiscal Responsibility

As responsible stewards, we recognize our duty to safeguard the agency’s substantial resources and to utilize and preserve its assets for current and future generations through sound financial management, by operating within our means and by ensuring a diversified funding base, which is at the core of sustainability.


Watch this video to see how Goddard programs have helped members of our community change their lives for the better. Then donate to keep the transformations flowing!

How Your Gift Makes an Impact

Your donation today will impact the 22,000 people Goddard Riverside serves who struggle to make ends meet. Our 27 programs work to:

  • Prepare children and youth for success. At Goddard, youth are offered the services they need. We have tutoring programs, afterschool programs, and early childhood centers. 
  • Enrich the lives of older adults. On any given day, you can find older adults in one of our senior centers learning a new skill or meeting new people. We also deliver a hot nutritious meal during the week for older adults who are homebound.
  • Promote mental health and employment opportunities. We work extensively with men and women who face multiple obstacles to employment get the support they need in finding jobs or connecting treatment to. Our clubhouse builds a community for members coping with mental illness so they can develop skills to live independently.
  • Fight homelessness and support housing for all. Goddard homeless outreach staff are on the streets 24/7 building relationships with the homeless to move them into supportive housing. We also provide free legal services and tenant organizing support to preserve affordable housing and improve living conditions.
  • Promote self-advocacy and creative expression. Goddard is a hub connecting people to resources, opportunities, and community events. We help low-income families access public benefits and financial counseling. Our Community Arts program offers creative workshops and classes for youth and adults.