2014 Season of Meet the Author Events Begins in February

Goddard Riverside’s annual Meet-the-Author events are a highlight of our book fair season, providing individuals with the chance to meet best-selling authors in intimate settings. The 2014 season begins in February, highlighting a range of authors and tastes for every budget!

In 2014, we’re including family-oriented and budget-friendly events in addition to our traditional dinners with the author. The list of February authors include:

  • February 9: Jane O’Connor (Fancy Nancy) and Sam Ita (pop-up books) for our Family Fun Book Brunch
  • February 11: Peter Gethers (The Cat Who’ll Live Forever)
  • February 12: Dr. Ruth Westheimer for Valentine’s Day cocktails
  • February 18: Malcolm Gladwell (David and Goliath, What the Dog Saw, Outliers), hosted by Blackdog & Leventhal
  • February 24: Luke Barr (Provence, Julia Child), hosted by Michelin Star award-winning Telepan restuarant
  • February 26: R.L. Stine (Goosebumps) for an evening of spooky fun!

To purchase tickets for these events, please go to goddard.org/mtatickets.

For more information about the Meet-the-Author events, visit goddard.org/mta