📢 This is a place for Goddard staffers to express appreciation for each other. Shoutouts are added in reverse chronological order so new ones are at the top 📢

Kimberly Wing: Thank you to Jennie Drossman for all your help with opening The Baxter! Also thank you to Michelle Sanderson  PD of W140th and Corner House for assisting with supportive housing interviews!
Welcome Geddes Gibbs – Program Director Cap HallWelcome Remy Watterson – Program Director Baxter
Thank you – W140th APD Teniqua Cooper for support with coverage at Cap Hall while short staffed
Thank you – HR team for your work and quick responses with salary recommendations and reference checks for all the vacancies

Dalys Castro: I want to shout out the tirelessly dedicated staff at the Resource Center. They have been key in our Direct Relief efforts. 

Marta Kaminski: I want to recognize


these 5 staff members orchestrated and supported the physical move of 14 tenants from the holiday inn to the hilton in under 2 hours!

I formulated a plan and all staff not only physically exerted themselves beyond but they also provided the best and innovative support to the tenants and me during the move…i could provide countless examples but my keyboard is atrocious and I am beat!

I beyond thankful….I’m beyond lucky to be a member of the goddard community. 

Casie Kimbrough: I would like to give a shout out to Andrea Cain, Gisselle Torres, Audrey Guggenheim, Sharon Cruz, Kristen Flint, Jason Linton, Anthony Rosado, Venessa Sheppard & David Escobar for stepping up in every way at the buildings during this pandemic.

Rebecca Torres: Shoutout to Wanda Valentin, Social Services Aide/Housekeeper from our Phelps House social services team for graciously modifying her job duties to better serve both our clients and her team. She’s now our “census lady,”  grocery shopper, outreach worker, office assistant and let’s not forget dog groomer (she bathed a tenant’s dog this week because the groomer has been unable to come).  She embodies what it means to go the extra mile for our residents. 

Some comments from donors to our #GivingTuesdayNow campaign:

Thank you for all you do in the community!! Sending love and gratitude.

I’ve benefited from tutoring there for years and want to support Goddard’s ongoing efforts!

To a community that truly understands the meaning and vision of humanity.

Love this effort and love you!Goddard Riverside always helps those in need. That is what they do. One of the great New York institutions helping seniors – we thank you so much As a neighbor and long-time friend of Goddard Riverside, I applaud your vital work in this very challenging time. 

From the Senate: A huge thank you to Venessa from Cap Hall for enthusiastically stepping up to conduct the wellness checks today. It was an enormous help and I am extremely grateful. 

Kimberly Wing: Big shout out to Marta Kaminski and Roberta Solomon for your tireless advocacy and coordination into the late evening to have the Senate tenant transferred from the Hilton to Holiday Inn. You are a great team!! 

Here’s one from TOP: TOP shout out to the team at The Other Place Clubhouse who continue their work to provide a variety of services and supports to members remotely and virtually.  They are always on TOP of it!

Here’s a nice note from West End Collegiate Church to our Older Adult staff: Thank you for being so gracious last week and for rallying to get one of our members back on the meal delivery program. I have been playing a little phone tag with her since the weekend when we last spoke, but I caught up with her this week and she said that she received a box with good food in it.

The member said to tell you, “Thank you“ and she really appreciates your thoughtfulness.
You are wonderful and please tell your colleagues that we at West End Collegiate Church are so very grateful for everything you’ve been doing to care for the senior citizens… especially at a time like this!

Kimberly Wing came up with the idea for the shoutouts page and she has a lot of shoutouts!:

Big Shout Out to Michelle Sanderson for assisting with the interviews for The Senate Case Managers. I appreciate you taking the lead on this and moving so quickly on the task. Big Shout Out to all the GRCC staff helping to cover all the program needs and shifts for the Senate Hotel Program. This includes but is not limited to, Senior Leadership, W140th St. Staff, Senior Center Staff, Phelps Staff, Cap Hall Staff, and LSNC. Your assistance with covering the 24/7 shifts has been invaluable. Thank you for jumping right in and being the true definition of team players. It is an honor to work with you. Big Shout Out to all Senate Social Services and Building Staff for all your hard work during this COVID-19 Pandemic but specifically around the Hotel Isolation program. Your ability to work together as team and consistenly meet the needs of the program and tenants is inspiring. You live and breathe the Senate slogan “Team Work Makes The Dream Work” everyday and it shows in all you do. I am so proud to be a part of this team and I can’t thank you enough.  Big Shout Out to Marta Kaminski for being an inspiring leader and working on the front lines during the COVID-19 Pandemic. You always give 110 percent for the tenants and program and I can’t thank you enough.  Big Shout Out to Audrey Guggenheim for being the point person onsite during the Hotel Isolation Move. Your coordination with the drive, tenants and staff was impeccable and we appreciate you so much.  Big Shout out to Audrey Guggenheim, Casie Kimbrough and Andrea Cain for assisting Senate with ordering PPE. Big Shout Out to The Senate Staff who stayed very late many nights to coordinate meals, medications and hotel transfers for tenants. Your dedication is amazing and we are so lucky to work with you.  Big Shout Out to Senate Front Desk workers and building staff who have gone above and beyond day after day to support our tenants. Big Shout Out to Roberta Solomon for taking the lead over the weekend on implementing systems at the Hotel Isolation Program. I appreciate your support so much!  Big Shout out to Capitol Hall, Corner House, W140th Street and Senate staff for being so adaptive during these difficult times.  Big Shout Out to Wing, Andrea, and Beth for getting the phones for all the tenants in need at the Supportive Housing Sites. This was a major barrier in providing services to our tenants and without your support we would not be able to meet the needs of our tenants. Thank you so much!  Big Shout Out to Home Delivered Meals, TOPOP, Senior Center and Senior Leadership for all your help with organizing the meal delivery for the supportive housing sites. We appreciate you so much. Big Shout Out to Steven Portericker for organizing all of the redeployed staff where needed. This is a HUGE help to our programs.  Big Shout Out to Trish for making this Shout Out board happen so quickly! I love it! 

Beth Dunphe: Shout out to the Community Arts staff which has put some amazing programming online in these last couple of weeks.  Bringing original and unique programs like dance and theater to the community in their homes. 

Linda Yantz: I want to give a shoutout to the IT team and the PR team for keeping us all connected!

Trish Anderton: I’m going to kick things off with a shoutout to my own amazing colleagues on the Development, Communications and Community Arts team (and our beloved officemate Larry Wood). Every Friday we have a virtual Happy Hour to connect and unwind, and I’m always happy and sad to see all your faces because I genuinely miss going into the office and hanging out with you. Everyone has pulled together in these difficult times and is working with tremendous professionalism and panache. Go team!