Assessing Postsecondary Readiness

The materials below are links and downloads of the resources discussed and distributed in the Options Institute seminar you attended. To sort the list by a different column, click on any column header. To download or follow a link, click on the title of that resource.

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Credit Requirements Credit Requirements for Regents and Advanced Regents Diploma An outline from the NYC Department of Education.  
Opportunity Programs HEOP Works This guide was developed by the HEOP to inform counselors of the “numerous opportunities at independent colleges and universities in New York State through the Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP)” Electronic
Testing SAT, ACT New Photo Requirements This article from the Washington Post describes how the NY cheating scandal prompted the new photo requirements on the SAT and ACT tests. Electronic 
Testing New Photo Requirements on SAT Will Not Affect Undocumented Students This article on explains that the new photo ID requirements for the SAT will not affect undocumented students. It includes a statement from the College Board. Electronic 
Testing TOEFL Fee Reduction Guidelines and Procedures Details student eligibility requirements, procedures for counselors, procedures for students, and important information to keep in mind when applying for TOEFL fee reduction. Electronic
Testing Understanding ACT/SAT Concordance This website by the ACT explains the difficulties of understanding ACT and SAT concordance and is a useful resource when trying to understand ACT scores. Electronic 
Testing Links to Further Information on Standardized Tests This is a compilation of links to further information on standardized tests including the SAT, ACT, TOEFL, and other standardized tests designed to be used by college counselors and advisers. Electronic 
Testing SAT Fee Waiver FAQ This is the College Board’s FAQ’s answering questions about the fee waiver for the SAT including how to obtain and use the waivers. Electronic 
High School and GED Assessment How One College Evaluates Transcripts This article from the New York Times, written by the Dean of Admissions at College of the Holy Cross describes what that college looks for in a transcript. Electronic 
High School and GED Assessment Students with Disabilities: Diploma Requirements This NYC Department of Education document details the graduation requirements for students with disabilities based on the year the student entered 9th grade. Electronic 
High School and GED Assessment Graduation Requirements This PDF by the NYC Department of Education details the graduation requirements for general population students based on when the student entered high school. Electronic 
High School and GED Assessment Diploma Requirements Worksheet This worksheet is a tool for students and counselors to check that all requirements for classes and regents are being met. Electronic 
College Going Culture Creating a College Going Culture Guide This is a guide by on creating College Going Culture in schools. It gives examples of best practices and tools counselors can use to create an environment in their schools that takes seriously each student’s postsecondary potential. Electronic 
Pre/Post Survey – CBO CBO 2016-2017 Pre/Post Survey with Answers  This is the quiz participants take at the beginning and end of the workshop with answers included. Pre/Post Survey
Pre/Post Survey – DOE DOE 2016-2017 Pre-Post Answer Sheet- Assessing    
Practice Assessment Student Assessment Tool A blank version of Options’ college assessment tool. It can be used by college counselors to collect information about a student. It can be used to assess a student in order to provide effective and tailored college counseling. Workbook
Opportunity Programs HEOP: The Facts This fact sheet provides an overview of HEOP including what it is, who it serves, its history, and the successes of the HEOP program. Electronic
Opportunity Programs Opportunity Programs: Information for Students This is an overview of the opportunity programs in New York State including HEOP, EOP, and SEEK/CD at CUNY, SUNY, and private colleges. It describes eligibility, required records, support services provided, transfers, and income guidelines. Electronic
Testing TOEFL Fee Reduction Service Voucher Request Form 2016-2017 This is the TOEFL fee reduction voucher request form for 2012-2013 that counselors can fill out to get students a reduced fee on the TOEFL test. Electronic 
Testing Understanding Your TOEFL Scores This website explains TOEFL test scores and what they mean for test takers and advisors. Electronic
Testing SAT Photo Requirements This website explains the new photo requirements for SAT test takers. Electronic
Admission College Admission Test Tips This worksheet provides tips for students on how to prepare themselves for the SAT/ACT. Electronic
Opportunity Programs  Private College Access Programs Other Than HEOP This document includes websites of programs offered in different private colleges other than HEOP. Electronic
Opportunity Programs SUNY Access Programs Other Than EOP This document includes websites of programs offered in SUNY schools other than EOP. Electronic
Testing SAT Information For Students This worksheet provides an overview for students and counselors of the SAT. Electronic
Testing Test-Optional and Test-Flexible Colleges in NY This document offers a list of schools in NY that are test-optional and test-flexible. In addition, it also describes the requirements for admission in each school.  Electronic
Admission CUNY Admission Profile This website offers an overview of the GPA, SAT, and ACT admission requirements through General and Opportunity Programs in each CUNY college. Electronic
Admission SUNY EOP Information Summary This website provides an information summary of the EOP in each SUNY school.  Electronic
Powerpoint Assessing Postsecondary Readiness Powerpoint This powerpoint is from the Assessing Postsecondary Readiness workshop. Electronic
Activity School Barometer Tool Use this tool to begin to identify gaps in your postsecondary planning work and set school-wide goals for development.  Electronic
Activity Student Assessment Tool This worksheet helps keep students information in an organized manner.  Electronic
Pipeline and Data Where Are They Now This pdf provides a WATN report provided by the DOE. Electronic
Admission College Admission Test Tips This pdf provides ideas and effective practices for increasing school wide engagement in College Admission Testing. Electronic
Powerpoint Assessing Postsecondary Readiness – DOE This powerpoint is from the Assessing Postsecondary Readiness workshop for DOE. Electronic
Jobs Labor Market Report This report compiles data about jobs, industries, in-demand skills and workers in NYC Electronic 
Jobs Quarterly Borough Labor Market Brief Quarter 1 January-March 2017 This second quarterly reportĀ„focused on health careĀ„provides education and workforce development professionals with timely data about jobs, industries, in-demand skills, and workers in NYC and the five boroughs. Electronic
Powerpoint Effective Postsecondary Planning: Supporting Access and Success for All Students This powerpoint is from the Fall 2017 Assessing Postsecondary Readiness training. Electronic