An Update from Congressman Nadler

Listen to Congressman Nadler’s report and his thoughts on: Built it Back Better legislation, the January 6th investigation, congressional redistricting & Gerrimandering, and more…

  • How can seniors get a higher increase in their Social Security cost of living adjustment or COLA; what can be done about exorbitantly high prescription drug costs and price increases?
  • What would the “George Floyd Justice in Policing Act” that you sponsor do; what is the status of passing the bill? When will The President or Congress act on student loan forgiveness? 
  • Will funding for Crisis Intervention Teams staffed with mental health professionals be in place when the new nationwide 3 digit “988” phone number goes live in July 2022? 
  • Funding for averting evictions and preventing homelessness is so vital what is Congress doing to fund lawyers for tenants in housing court and provide additional desperately needed rent relief money? 
  • What are the prospects for capital funding for affordable housing preservation and new production in both the budget appropriations bill and a reduced in scope “Build it Back Better” bill? 

Listen and hear Congressman Nadler’s answers on these & more.